Water Purification Equipment San Fernando CA

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Water Filtration and Water Coolers

If your water doesn't taste good or has an odor to it, you will benefit from a water filtration system. We offer a full line of Coway water coolers that will cool and filter your water all at the same time. They are available in a number of sizes and are perfect for your home or business.

water filter

Stop buying bottled water or replacing those huge water jugs required by traditional coolers. Coway water filters and coolers are:

  • Safe and Convenient
  • Cost Saving
  • Healthy and Sanitary
  • Environmentally Friendly

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Are you not sure about your water quality? Contact us today for a free water test! We will evaluate your water and make recommendations on the right water filtration system for your home based on your unique circumstances.

Purification Equipment

purified water

Do you have a problem with bacteria in your water? Does your water smell or taste funny? Even if your water isn't that bad it could be better. We offer a full line of water purification equipment that offers:

  • Maximum Mineral Absorption
  • High pH water production
  • Clean tasting, odor free water
  • Microscopic Bacteria membrane barrier
  • Helps to neutralize harmful acidic body conditions
  • Abundant production of Oxygen and hydrogen

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Water Conditioners

Eliminate scaling and soap scum, and make your appliances work better and last longer with a water conditioning system. Water conditioners remove excess minerals and deposits from your water. At Ameritek Industries we offer a full line of water conditioning systems from Puronics that will fulfill any water treatment needs. Don't know what you need? Call our experts today and we can evaluate your needs and make a recommendation!

Water Storagewater store

Do you need a water storage system or do you have one that's old and outdated? We offer a variety of water storage systems that will fulfill any water demands. Our professionals will walk you through the demands of your unique system and make recommendations based on those needs. Contact us today to discuss your water storage needs!

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